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About MBS


More Business Solutions (MBS) delivers Digital Printing and On-Site Business Services to a diverse and growing base of customers, principally headquartered in the metro Atlanta area.  In 2005, the company marked its 20th year in business.

A market leader, MBS is comprised of four business categories that provide an integrated array of value-added services in support of a broad spectrum of major organizations.  The company employs a staff of more than 80 associates in the metro Atlanta area.

MBS delivers its services in a highly responsive, personalized manner by continuously looking for and capturing efficiencies that help create unparalleled value for the customer.

MBS is a privately held, locally owned and managed, certified Woman Business Enterprise.

More Copies / Printing & More

Provides high quality digital printing of projects that demand rapid modification on an ongoing basis. Training manuals and software documentation are ideal applications.

We offer services that allow customers to leverage the power, speed and flexibility of the Internet:

  • Order Desk
  • Online document catalog demo
  • Variable data printing

Printing Services

  • High-Speed Duplication
  • Digital & Offset Printing
  • Bindery and Finishing
  • Large Format Outputs

More On-Site

Outsourced facilities management and support services. Clients can customize a program to fit their needs by selecting from a variety of crucial, everyday tasks, which they then assign to MBS.

On-Site Services

  • Copy Centers
  • Mail Rooms
  • Reception
  • Supply Rooms
  • Document Imaging Centers
  • Shipping and Receiving

Fulfillment & More

MBS offers fulfillment in support of your print business. We are perfectly suited to fulfill print-related orders, such as training manuals, documentation, sales kits, etc.

We also fulfill premium/merchandise items when such items complement or help support a print-related order.

More Services

These services support our Total Document Management portfolio.

Support Services

  • Document Scanning
  • Secure Document Destruction / Shredding
  • Short-Term On-Site Copy Projects


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